Who knew choosing a chopping board is such an arduous task? After discovering 1 million and 1 (I’m exaggerating) types of chopping boards, I had to do some research on them. After a few days or weeks? of extensive reading and shopping on Taobao I have narrowed down my options to either plastic or wood or both. I am thinking of getting plastic ones first then wooden ones later on.
I am considering these aspects:

1. Aesthetics

2. Cost

3. Cleanliness

4. Materials


I honestly love the wooden ones. They are beautiful!

When it comes to plastic ones they are more vibrant and colorful.


Plastic ones are definitely cheaper. Depending on how often I use it I might have to change them every one or 2 years?

Wooden ones will definitely cost more upfront but if they last a lot longer (30 years!) as sellers claim and if I maintain it regularly the cost over the years would definitely be lower. The cost of the oil which I need to maintain the board should be relatively low. I don’t think I will need to keep buying bottles and bottles of it.


As I researched on boards my concern grew over bacteria and cross contamination from raw food, cooked food and all. For plastic, bacteria will collect in the cuts and it will be hard to clean. I read that you have to use bleach to clean the boards and this doesn’t really sound like a good idea to me! The idea of possibly consuming bleach sounds really toxic and bleach is terrible on the skin.

Wood is supposedly self-healing for cuts. And I’ve also read that bacteria is unable to grow inside the wood so it should be cleaner.


What is holding me back from choosing a wooden board is really the maintenance I have to do. I am also worried about it turning moldy. More importantly I fret over the oil I have to buy to maintain the board. Problem solved when I finally found reasonably priced cutting board oil on Amazon (less than USD10). I will have to decide on shipping options and all later on. I tried searching on iherb but they don’t seem to sell food grade mineral oil. Took me some googling to figure out what is food-grade mineral oil. Taobao is not that helpful when they mention that you have to use 食用油 to maintain the board but from what I read you can’t use edible vegetable oils if not the oils will turn rancid! Olive oil will be a no-no! Maintenance has to be done every week or so from most of the websites I see.

Well I believe that natural materials are much better. Now I’ve to decide which type of wood to get. Acacia, 越南铁木, maple?

Size does matter here. I used the tiny one from Daiso and it is really difficult to chop stuff. I will probably just dedicate that for fruit cutting.


I will get a wooden one for sure but I will get plastic ones too. I will use the plastic ones for raw meat which I will discard after every year or so? For pungent food like garlic and onions I will have to use a plastic one too in case the smell lingers on the wooden board. I will have to have a separate one for fruits. So my wooden board will probably be used for vegetables until maybe much later when I have added more food to cook to my repertoire.

Some links I’ve read in case you are interested:














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